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Best Diet To Lose Weight And Keep It

Facts and hidden secrets to follow the best diet

Best Diet To Lose Weight And Keep It

Low-crab: the rapid loss of weight, but the question of long-term safety

Atkins low-crab diet was first published in 1970, began the mad -carbohydrate diet, which resurfaced strongly in late 1990.

Diet is a carnivore's dream, with a big focus on the high-protein, meat and poultry (along with eggs and full-fat dairy products), while the exclusion of most carbohydrates, such as rice, bread and pasta.


South Beach Diet, is one of the most popular diets which also limit the amount of carbohydrates, but urges people to avoid saturated fats (found in meat and processed foods) in favor of unsaturated fats (found in nuts and fish). It also allows for more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, making it a more systematic and balanced.

Strategy is based on a low-crab eating biological fact says that eating carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels, which leads to the flow of insulin from the pancreas.

This theory goes a step further, claiming that elevated insulin levels produce the sense of hunger, so the people who eat carbohydrates have more calories and increase in weight.

Darian (antidote) of carbohydrates is fat, which gives a feeling of satiety and more complacent. Therefore, people who follow a diet high in fat they eat less and lose more weight.

The low-carb diets cause dehydration. To compensate for the lack of carbohydrates in the diet, the body consumes carbohydrates stored in the liver and muscle tissue.

In this process consumes the body of water as well, and the result is a rapid loss of weight. But after a few months, the process of weight loss tends to slow down, just as happens with other types of diets.


American Heart Association cautions people of the Atkins diet, because the ratio of saturated fat, protein, where extremely high, posing difficulties for the heart, kidneys and bones.

And the lack of fruits and vegetables is also worrisome, because these foods tend to reduce the risk of dementia and stroke and some types of cancer . Most experts believe that the South Beach Diet and other viruses are less restrictive food low carbohydrate diet while providing a more reasonable approach.


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