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Best Diet To Lose Weight And Keep It

Facts and hidden secrets to follow the best diet

Best Diet To Lose Weight And Keep It

The answer to the perennial question what is the best diet to lose weight?

Any diet you can persevere for a long time? It should be good for your overall health - heart, bone, colon and your condition psychological - as it is good for your waist. The diet should provide a lot of good flavors and healthy choices, removal of some foods, and without an extensive list of expensive and grocery stores or food supplements.


But it is not a diet based on relatively few strategies have been studied carefully thought out based on numerous experiments. They include diets low in fat too (see below), such as Ornish (Ornish) and Diet Pritikin (Pritikin);

Diet low carbohydrate, such as Atkins (Atkins) and South Beach (South Beach), and the Mediterranean diet, which is characteristic additional represented in it contains a number of potential health benefits.

Low Fat: taste is not great, and full extent only a few

The main strategy for weight loss depends on diet low in fat, but these stood aside, later, for the benefit of a diet low carbohydrate. This is not a bad thing, necessarily, because both diets, especially low-fat, embraced the idea that fat makes you fat, and fats are bad for the heart.

It is a powerful argument, and very impressive, and that while some fats are good for the heart and remove them from the diet can cause some problems.

One of the best diets are known Dr. Dean Ornish plan "eat more and weigh less," which grew out of the premise of cholesterol that has developed in the sixties and seventies of the last century.

The idea was based on the reduction of cholesterol in the diet, because it contributes to heart disease. Then researchers realized that fat diet have a greater impact on heart disease, which is stimulating the low-fat diet. Diet focused, originally, on the prevention of heart disease but became, later, to focus on weight loss.


Since known that fat contains 9 calories per gram and one versus 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate, became you can theoretically double your consumption of food without that earn more calories.

So by reducing fatty foods and eat more foods full of carbohydrates, especially water-rich fruits and vegetables. However, such a diet tends to be less satisfying flavor than other diets, which reduces the possibility of continuing it in the long run.


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