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Diet To Get Rid Of The Rumen

Facts and hidden secrets to follow the best diet

Diet To Get Rid Of The Rumen

Example of a system of diet to help gets rid of fat in the abdomen (belly):


About 160 calories

A loaf of bread 3 Rusk small size 1 or two pieces of toast with cheese brick (30 g) or two tablespoons low-fat soybean flakes or half a cup a cup cornflakes with low fat milk.



60 calories

Fruit such as an apple or an orange or half grapefruit


About 450 calories

Cup of rice or a cup spaghetti or a cup couscous or a loaf of Arabic bread with a small meat or chicken or grilled fish, cooked or in the oven, but not fried palm-sized vegetables cooked, any type, such as mallow or green beans or vegetable couscous or salad (a spoon small oil).


Cup of pudding or custard (low-fat milk with a little sugar) = 200 calories, or a cup of yogurt or low-fat milk with a piece of fruit.



About 330 calories of meat, chicken or grilled fish, cooked or in the oven, but not fried, the size of the palm of the hand with half the amount of carbohydrates that were at lunch like half a loaf of bread, but it is better if it has been eating rice for lunch that does not repeat it for dinner cooked vegetables, any kind, such as mallow or green beans or vegetables or salad problem (a small spoon oil).


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Dr. Charles Livingston authorized this fat loss factor program and basically is an expert of this too. Moslty people use to take different medicines and tablets to reduce their fat and overcome their body weight, but those pills usually have other harmful effects, commonly they damage the kidneys. So Dr. Charles consider this damage and he created F-L-F product (Fat Loss Factor) which is free from every side effects and have money back gurantee too. For more details visit here: http://www.fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/

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